Best Blackjack Games for Android 2021

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time.

Nowadays, nobody has the time to visit a Vegas casino every time they get a hankering for a game of blackjack. People want to win big from the comfort of their living room.

Mobile apps are where all the growth takes place!

Casinos and software developers are coming up with mobile versions at record speed. Players now expect them to have a short and sweet registration and excellent banking speed. RTG is a developer that has always had its mobile players in mind. They make sure their apps are mobile-friendly from the get-go, without creating an online version and then rushing to add a mobile one.

Of course, not all casino games will have mobile incarnations; with so much time and effort needed, software providers make sure to just get their best ones to the app store. RTG games in particular are very prolific, and the guys from this company add more games as quickly as possible.

Also, because Android is owned by Google, a company notoriously lacking gambling friendliness, good online casinos have found a way to combat this. One way they do this is by creating mobile versions of their most popular games that do not require a download to be enjoyed. It’s a way to stay competitive and inclusive, especially for U.S.-based players.

up to $14000
up to $12250
up to $12500

Our Process

We typed “blackjack” into an Android Mobile Play store and found a nearly endless array of options. With over 1,000 candidate-Apps, we sifted through the ones with the highest ratings, as well as those with the best reviews. We also discarded the apps that asked for too much personal information because that seemed a bit fishy to us. We checked if the apps had safety signatures, how reputable they were, and how quickly you could withdraw your winnings from them. What we came up with was this:

Our Verdict


We came to a serious conclusion — great apps are hard to come by!

Yes, there is a plethora of casino card games to be found in an app-form. Some of them have great graphics, varying side bet options, hints, free chips, and performance trackers. But at the same time, they also have in-app purchases, annoying ads, and they take up a lot of space on your phone.

Playing blackjack games for Android on your mobile isn’t meant to be a Las Vegas worthy experience, but it is at least meant to be quick and easy. We know you want to play real-money blackjack and win without the hassle of clogging up your phone. So this is where online casinos that offer mobile gaming without needing to download the app come in!

In this way, you’re bypassing Google or whatever playstore your Android might have, and going directly to the site while using your phone. It’s best to play blackjack this way; because you can do it with real money, and you won’t have a million apps messing up your home screen.

This is not to say we have anything against a great app! What it does mean is that we appreciate having options while gaming on our phone. Every version of the game needs to be seamless and exact.

With all this in mind, we picked two versions of blackjack that can be enjoyed online, downloaded onto a computer, on your mobile browser, and through a mobile app.

Our Top Blackjack App Picks

The two games we’re about to recommend have passed every scrutiny we’ve subjected them to. They’re available for mobile play sans download, and they also have a great app to boot if you’re so inclined. They are RTG’s Blackjack and Suit’em Up Blackjack.


This is the classic version of the popular blackjack, and it employs six (virtual) decks. The goal here is to get a sum total of 21 (a blackjack hand) to win. It is also enough to have a higher total than the dealer without going over that sum total. The player receives two cards that only they can see, but one of the dealer’s two cards face upwards. You can click the Hit button if you want a third card or the Stand button if you’re happy with your original cards.

You can double your bet, but then you automatically get one last card thereafter. You can take insurance (if the dealer is showing an Ace), and you may split several hands as well if your originally dealt cards are of identical value.

The payouts go like so — you get 3:2 for a blackjack, 1:1 for some other winning hand or, if there’s a tie with you and the dealer (a Push, as it’s called), you recoup your bet. The version you can find at BoVegas is as smooth and pleasant to play.

Suit’em Up Blackjack

This excellent variation spices up the standard recipe by way of a side bet, and you get amazing payouts if your original two cards are of the same suit. If your Aces are suited, the payout is an incredible 60:1. Other cards that make up a winning combination and are suited also pay out handsomely. The blackjack strategy you want to use here is to split unsuited pairs, allowing you the chance to potentially win twice! You get the luxury of taking insurance, and once you collect your suited payout, you get to keep playing! The RTG designers have done a smooth job with this one.

To Sum It Up

They say — if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! When you find a game that works well on your smartphone when you play in your phone’s browser or through its corresponding app, you’ve found a winner! Try out the ones we’ve suggested; you won’t be disappointed.

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BoVegas is the leader of the pack; it’s a relatively new casino that immediately came out with the mobile version for its most popular games. The awesome blackjack options we covered in the text can be played online and on your phone, via the app if you so wish. Exclusive Casino has got you covered as well, with its sleek mobile app.

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