Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is definitely among the most whimsical and best casino games online on offer today. Give it a whirl if you just want to play for free but, if you really want to experience all it can offer, then play for real money. We know you’ll love it!

About Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Simple and sweet, this is viewed as a top contender for the best casino games online. It is like standard, ol’ blackjack but with one unique side bet to spice it up! You can choose (or not!) to make the Perfect Pairs bet before wagering any money and, essentially, starting the game. You then get a face-down hand, consisting of two cards. At the same time, the dealer has one down-facing and one upward-facing card. The next move then reveals if your side bet has paid off or not!

up to $14000
up to $12250
up to $12500

How to Play Blackjack Perfect Pairs

First, click on the Perfect Pairs icon before doing anything else if you want to play that side bet! Next, drag their coins to the betting area and click Deal to start. After that, you have the Hit right next to the Stand button, as well as the Double, and Split buttons to indicate what your next move will be.

Bonus Features

There is just one real feature, and one limitation:

  1. You can choose to play the Perfect Pair option or not!
  2. There is no multi-hand option



The RTP will blow your mind. Are you ready? It’s a glorious 99.46%! When it comes to the payouts, they are just like in classic blackjack but with three tweaks. First, a suited pair from your original two cards pays 25:1. If the pair is of the same color (both are red, for example) but not the same suit, then it pays 12:1. Finally, if the pair of cards have the same value but one is red and the other black, that winning hand pays 6:1.


All online casino games are the most thrilling when you play for real money. You may choose to play for free to test the waters, but it’s the most fun for real money. So do make sure to visit only the best online casinos where you will enjoy Blackjack Perfect Pairs and other casino table games online.

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