Super 21 Blackjack

The amazing game of Super 21 is among the best casino games online that is based on blackjack. You could definitely play it for real money to best enjoy this online casino game. It goes without saying that you can always play for free for some practice first!

About Super 21

Well, this is definitely on the list of best casino games online. The best paying hand is a Diamond Blackjack, but don’t despair, that’s not the only good hand! You also win automatically if you get a natural blackjack hand right away. If the dealer is also showing a blackjack, it’s your win, not a tie! The dealer must, by default, Hit when holding a soft 17.


How to Play Super 21


Playing this sleek game is a piece of cake! Just make sure to pick the amount you want to wager by clicking on the coin-icons displayed on the screen. Drag their coins to the betting circle, click on Deal, Hit, Stand, and so on.

Bonus Features

Some incredible side bets are the features of this particular game! They are as follows:

  1. Double your bet whenever, even after you’ve drawn a card or after split.
  2. Surrender at any given time, including after Hitting, Doubling, or Splitting.
  3. Split any pair, excluding Aces, up to three times.


The RTP is a mind-boggling 98.94%, making this game the one to play for real money!

Even though a standard blackjack hand pays even money, the one formed with Diamond-suit cards pay you 2:1. If you just get six cards and you still don’t bust, your winning payout is 1:1, and if you’ve created a 21-total with five or six cards, your payout is 2:1.


You can practice casino table games online like the amazing Super 21 if you play for free, but it is the most exciting when it’s for real money. We admit that online casino table games can be risky, so take the time to discover the best online casinos, so you know you’re good to go!

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