Blackjack Game by RTG


Blackjack is certainly among the very best casino games online and has many incarnations because of that. You can play Blackjack in two ways — for real money, or you can decide to play a free version if you so wish. Many agree that the original is the best, and this is how you play it.

About Blackjack

Six (virtual) decks are employed in this game. The goal is, as always, to get a hand that totals 21 (called a blackjack) or a hand which is higher than the casino’s without going over 21. You immediately get two cards as does the casino, but you can only see one of the cards that the dealer is holding.

How to Play Blackjack

First of all, pick the amount you want to wager — the five coin values are clearly displayed on the screen. Click on them with your cursor and drag the coins of your choice to the betting circle. Click Deal to start the game and click on Hit if you want more cards or Stand if you don’t.

Bonus Features

Bonus Features

There are several side bets available.

  1. You can double your bet if you’re feeling lucky by clicking the Double button.
  2. You may Split your hand if you have two of the same started cards, and you can do this three times. The only exception is if you have two Aces. Then, you can do that only once.
  3. You can Double your split except in the case of Aces.
  4. You may even take Insurance, but this option only pops out when the virtual dealer has an Ace showing.


The amazing thing about blackjack is the low house edge! If you play your cards right, the RTP is over 99.46%. The payouts are classic, meaning it’s 3:2 for a blackjack hand, even money for any other winning hand or, if there’s a tie, you recoup your wager.


Casino table games online can very well be played for free or you could enjoy it  for real money. Of course, online casino table games for real money are always a risk, so it’s up to you to determine which are the best online casinos and the best version of this online casino game. We argue that the glorious game of Blackjack is the most fun when you play for real money because it’s one of the best casino games online.

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