European Blackjack

The stupendous game of European blackjack is one of the best casino games online, and you can play this version for real money, or you may even play for free if you so wish.

About European Blackjack

This version of blackjack is a bit secretive! In fact, the dealer only gets their face-up card after all the players have played their first hand. This is risky, especially if you double your bet on a gut feeling, but the dealer ends up having a natural blackjack. But the dealer must, by default, Stand when they have a soft 17, so this balances things out a bit.


How to Play European Blackjack

blackjack bonus

Choose how much you want to wager, click on your chosen coins with your mouse arrow and drag them to the betting circle. Clicking Deal starts the game. Clicking Hit means you want more cards, and Stand means you don’t.

Bonus Features

There are certain side bets available in European Blackjack.

  1. You can double your bet, but Doubling down for the players is only allowed for hard (no Ace) totals of 9 to 11.
  2. You get to Split your same-value-cards hand, but only once if the pair consists of Aces
  3. You can Double your Split only if you do so on a hard 9, 10, or 11 card-value total.
  4. Insurance is possible, and it pays 2:1.


The payouts are fair, and the RTP is a whopping 99.43% if you make all the right decisions. This makes it a marvelous online casino table game.


Casino table games online can be enjoyed if you play for free or if you do so for real money. Of course, a factor of risk is always present, so take care to only go for the best online casinos. The adorable game of European Blackjack is excellent if you play for real money because it’s low-risk yet exciting; it’s definitely one of the best casino games online!

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