Face Up 21 Blackjack

up to $14000
up to $12250
up to $12500

Face Up 21 is among the most favourite and best casino games online, and it is a tremendous variation of the original game. You can play Face Up 21 for real money or, if you just want to check it out, play for free!

About Face Up 21

The name really gives it away — all the dealer’s cards face up for all the world to see! This automatically means there’s no Insurance side bet because you can see what the casino has to play with right away. Because of this, tying with the dealer isn’t a classic push; instead, the dealer (the casino) wins except if you have a natural blackjack hand. At this point, the dealer must get another card if they have a soft 17 total.

How to Play Face Up 21

Choose your wager amount, click on the coin options and place them on the betting area. Clicking Deal starts the game. Clicking Hit means you want more cards, and Stand means you don’t.

Bonus Features

There are multiple side bet features when playing Face Up 21:

  1. You can double your bet via the Double button and get only one card if you double on a 9, 10, or 11 total.
  2. You may Split your hand, but you can only Double the split on the total we mentioned above.
  3. You can Double your split three times for any hand but only once if it’s Aces.


The standard payouts apply except that it’s even money on a blackjack hand. Still, with an RTP of a whopping 99.25%, this is a marvelous online casino game.


Casino table games online such as Face Up 21 can be played for free or, if you’re a true gambling aficionado, for real money. Naturally, online casino table games for real money are always a bit risky, so make sure to pick out the best online casinos. The terrific game Face Up 21 will provide the best experience when you play for real money. The very best casino games online are always best with real cash!

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