Match Play 21 Blackjack


The incredible game by the name of Match Play 21 can be found among the best casino games online. Now, perhaps you desire to play for free or maybe you desire to for real money — it’s a guaranteed good time!

About Match Play 21

This version has discarded all the 10s, so only the Face Cards are valued as 10s. Of course, this makes getting a blackjack harder, but the game has specific and varied payouts to make up for this! For example, three suited 7s give the highest payout, which is 40:1 because you have two of them, and the dealer holds the third one. Also, the dealer is obliged to Hit on Soft 17. If there is a tie with the dealer, it means you win! Amazing, right?

How to Play Match Play 21

how to play

Choose your wager amount, click on the coin options and place them on the betting area. Clicking Deal starts the game, clicking Hit means you want more cards, and Stand means you don’t.

Bonus Features

Here are some features of the game that make up for the lack of 10s:

  1. You may Double down any number of times on all cards even after a Split, perfection!
  2. All pairs, even Aces, can be split a total of three times.
  3. There is a Surrender option if it so happens that the dealer might be getting the hand called blackjack, and you can even use it after doubling down.


When you have the three suited sevens, you’re paid 40:1. If you have Spades in the 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 mix or seven cards that add up to a total of 21, the payout is 3:1. If you draw a suited 7-7-7 or 6-7-8, not counting Spades obviously, or a six-card 21-total, then the payout is 2:1. Next, non-suited 7s, non-suited 6-7-8, and a five-card 21-total pay 3:2, just as a natural blackjack does. The RTP is calculated to be 99.27%.


You can enjoy casino table games online when you play for free but even more so when it’s for real money. Of course, online casino table games can turn out to be a risky venture unless you’re at the best online casinos. The astounding game of Match Play 21 is best enjoyed when you play for real money because of its unique payout table. This makes it one of the best casino games online!

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