Suit’Em Up Blackjack

Suit’Em Up is an exciting game and one of the best casino games online, and you can always play for real money, or you may play for free if that suits your fancy.

About Suit’Em Up

As the name would imply, Suit’Em Up pays you handsomely, but if and only if your original cards are, in fact, suited. If you tie with the dealer, you win, and you are allowed to take Insurance in case the dealer is showing an Ace. The dealer must hit on, you guessed it, soft 17. This makes it one of the best casino games online.


How to play Suit’Em Up

The game has a simple layout, so you just choose the amount of coins you want to wager with and drag them with your pointer to the betting area on the screen. Use the Deal, Hit, Stand, Double, and Split buttons to choose your next move!

Bonus Features

There are some awesome side bets allowed in this Suit’Em Up version of blackjack! They are:

  1. You can Double your bet any time even after a Split or drawing more cards.
  2. You may Surrender whenever, including after Doubling down, Splitting, or Hitting.
  3. You may Split any pairs three times, but Aces only once.


Who could say no to an RTP of 97.3%? Not us! Drawing suited Aces gives an insane 60:1 payout. A 21-hand that is suited pays 10:1, any pair that is suited pays out 5:1, suited 11s pay 3:1, and any other duo that is suited pays 2:1. What an absolutely delightful online casino game, don’t you think?


Whether you play for free or you decide to do so for real money, it will be the correct choice because this divine online casino table game will be super fun! Of course, when playing such casino table games online, make sure to choose the best online casinos. Suit’Em Up is best enjoyed when you play for real money. a

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